B卢River®技术 uses standard 10 Gigabit 以太网 for both network and point-to-point connectivity since 以太网 was always designed to work this way. b卢rriver端点是否连接到以太网交换机, 或者两个端点直接相连, 它是10Gb的以太网. 从一开始, 关闭阀oE™ products have been used for AV networking and point-to-point extension interchangeably. Whether your application requires point-to-point extension of fully featured AV-over-IP, 或者两者兼而有之, B卢River-based AV systems can be configured and controlled using the 关闭阀oE Application Programming Interface (API). 关闭阀oE API标准接口管理交换, configuration and processing with single system-level control for any number of interoperable B卢River-based endpoints.

一个混合AV系统如下图所示, AV-over- ip被用于AV分发核心, along with a basic huddle room where only simple point-to-point HDMI extension is required. Note that both local and remote AV sources are available to the huddle room by utilizing an 关闭阀oE墙板 transceiver: HDMI in and HDMI out enabled by one B卢River device for bidirectional AV over a single 10G link. 在会议室里, a simple 2x2 matrix switch with B卢River extension is used to switch between local and remote sources to the projector. The 关闭阀oE projector is connected to the AV switch point-to-point using the 10G interface to the B卢River based matrix switch. The key here is that all AV endpoints and devices – receivers, transmitter, displays – support 关闭阀oE.


图1. 安装可能需要使用混合AV分发的独特方法. 在这个例子中, the B卢River-based matrix switch extension port is connected directly to an 关闭阀oE projector via 10G, 为本地和远程资源提供连接.


因为在会议室里使用了一个关闭阀oE墙板收发器, the HDMI input can now be used to allow the local source to be connected into the 关闭阀oE network, 而关闭阀oE投影仪只需直接连接到以太网交换机, 如下图所示. 与一个 AVP2000基于关闭阀oE的投影仪, 安装程序可以升级用户软件工具以允许多视图模式, 如四分割或画中画(PIP), where the projector can show both local and multiple remote sources simultaneously. This approach clearly shows the cost and 灵活性 benefits of an all IP-based AV system, since less hardware is required in the huddle room and advanced display modes enabled without the need to purchase dedicated multiview processors.

在会议室里,本地和远程的AV源都是完全可用的, 通过软件控制具有AV切换的灵活性, and the number of peripherals required in the room are further reduced (no more 2x2 switch), 这意味着更少的设备需要维护,更好的环境足迹. 所有设备都启用了sdvoe, 系统设计人员在如何设计AV安装方面具有更大的灵活性, 根据用户的具体需求, 是否简单, 本地HDMI扩展或灵活和软件可配置的AV-over-IP.

图2. 该AV系统充分利用了关闭阀oE, 允许所有AV切换IP, 完全通过软件控制.